It's hard to get back on track after a vacation: how to regain working capacity?

After the second half of August, we can already feel the breath of the approaching autumn, but the head is still full of holiday impressions. For many, the end of summer is the time when, after a marathon of entertainment and travel, we try to concentrate, return to the normal rhythm of everyday life and work. Have you thought that scents can help you regain your inner balance?

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Probably many of us are familiar with the feeling when the to-do list is full, but we feel distracted, cannot concentrate and seem to have no energy at all. This feeling often comes after the holidays. How to get rid of inner chaos and regain efficiency and energy? The scent creators of "Aromikos", which create unique perfumery products in Lithuania, tell how aromas can help here and what products in the "Acappella" brand range will help you feel at home like you are in the most luxurious spa center.

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Where lies the power of scents?

Smell experts say that smell is one of the strongest human senses. Scents strongly stimulate the emotional centers of our brain, which means they affect mood or even well-being. Scientists studying smells estimate that even three quarters of our mood is influenced by the surrounding smells.

If you like coffee, you may notice that its aroma is automatically associated with freshness and energy, so this smell immediately sends a signal to the body that it is time to wake up.

Smell creates a mood and can significantly increase our productivity, give us strength and help us concentrate. What aromas do experts recommend for this purpose?

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For concentration - the aromas of nature and the surprise factor

The creators of Acappella fragrances say that in aromatherapy literature, those who want to increase concentration are advised to choose aromas of greenery, cut grass, and wood. Acappella brand aromas "Green Tea", "Tree of Life", "Birch" or even "Christmas Tree". A completely new, untried aroma can also work.

"The end of summer is probably a good time for experiments: if you wanted to try something, but had doubts -
now is the time to do it! Why? The truth is that our sense of smell eventually gets used to the smells around us. As long as we can enjoy the warmth and fresh air, we spend less time at home, which means we get a break from the smell of home. At the same time, we feel it stronger every time we return. So, when you try new aromas, every time you return, you will be able to appreciate their strength, longevity and the atmosphere they create in the environment", say craft connoisseurs.

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For energy - citrus freshness

Perfumerists say that oranges are the best choice for freshness - a source of energy and good mood in all seasons. All citrus scents have a stimulating effect on us. Citrus notes are quite often found in home perfumes, so all you have to do is choose the composition of aromas you like.

ACappella home fragrance bursting with joy Tangerines and Basil will bring lightness and inspiration to the day's work, while the fresh summer aroma of Acappella Green Tea will reward clarity and inner moments of balance. Its dominant notes of green tea, citrus and greenery will help you concentrate and spend your time productively.

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Pamper your body and mind in a fragrant bath

The simplest, but extremely pleasant way to calm down and concentrate is a warm bath full of foam.And if we are still surrounded by pleasant aromas, we can feel like we are in a real SPA

In the Acappella range you will find everything to turn your home bath into a pleasant ritual that will leave you feeling reborn. These are various essential oils, scented bath salts, soaps.

Essential oils are nature's natural help for our body when it needs it. Acappella offers the most popular essential oils, and for those who do not have time to delve into the benefits and effects of oils on their own, even 5 of their mixtures and special bath salts that can help solve topical problems.

Another group consists of scented soaps and sparkling bath bubbles, which perfumers have enriched with bright, joyful and long-lasting aromas for bath rituals. There are even 5 different scents in the collection: "Tree of Life", "Magnolia Garden", "Star of Joy", "Sweet Time" and "Tangerines and basil".

Recently, the cosmetic line was supplemented with a new item - soap in the form of jelly. Soft and smooth, playfully swaying jello will not leave indifferent neither young nor old: it's the one you want to touch and touch. Moistened soap gently foams, and the aroma it emits stays with you for a long time. Suitable for use as soap or scented body wash.

Autumn is a time of peace and concentration. Your favorite aroma will help you meet him in an active way, in harmony with your thoughts.

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