Feeling bad? Take a breath!

For thousands of years, mankind has used the magic of scents, giving them supernatural powers or even divine qualities. However, active scientific research in recent decades has revealed that everything is much simpler: smell is the most sensual human sense, so smells can affect our mood and feelings more than music.

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How do smells work?
The olfactory response is directly related to the emotional center of the brain. Behavioral research has shown that smells can trigger much more vivid emotional memories than images. Unlike touch or taste, the effects of smells depend directly on past experiences. Here, the smell of summer rain is always associated with respite and freshness after the heat, and the aroma of spruce sap reminds of the joy of winter holidays.

Breathe your environment instead of yourself
If scents can affect mood, how can we use them to improve our well-being? Using the principles of the science of aromatherapy practiced for centuries, AROMIKA - the largest manufacturer of fragrances in Lithuania - creates comfortable, modern and aesthetic indoor fragrance products: home perfumes, spray fragrances, dry fragrance packages for aromatizing wardrobes and bags, and various forms of fragrances for cars. Perfume creators pay a lot of attention to Lithuanian nature, hobbies and experiences of the people living here. The largest part of the company's range consists of products of the ACappella brand, which, like music, make you happy, excited and relaxed.

Home perfume is not only an interior detail. Scents affect our emotions, well-being and can very subtly influence our lives.

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Smells can help you

Wake up
Oranges are a real charge of energy and youth. Any fragrance with citrus notes will help you feel fresher. The ACappella home fragrance "Tangerine and Basil" bursting with joy will bring lightness and inspiration to the work of the day.

The refreshing summer aroma of ACappella "Green Tea" will reward you with moments of clarity and inner balance. Its dominant notes of green tea, citrus and greenery will help you concentrate and spend your time productively on hot summer days.

When stress and constant tension are tiring, warm, cozy aromas will help you to regain the feeling of the ground under your feet. At this time, try ACappella Seashore fragrance. Traditionally, the scent of lavender is used for relaxation in harmony with accords of patchouli, vanilla and musk, which creates a mood of returning to the port, ebb tide.

Being happy
Strawberry is a "berry of happiness": people surveyed in the study said they felt more relaxed even thinking about eating them. Meanwhile, women who receive flowers smile a special smile - a smile of happiness. ACappella's home fragrance "Rubin" smells of strawberry, and the abundance of floral aromas will make even the pickiest smile: from the popular "Black Orchid", dreamy "Magnolia Garden" to the exotic whiff of "Island Flowers".

Finding the right scents for you can make you a happier person.

Smells are closely related to personal experiences and memories, which is why they are perceived differently. It's worth trying different scents to see how you feel differently or to discover your favorite combinations. In ACappella's fragrance descriptions, you will find hints about the mood created by fragrances.

Search on the shelves of major retail chains or buy quickly and conveniently online www.aromika.lt.

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Interesting facts about smells

  • Vanilla is one of the most universally soothing scents associated with fullness and comfort

  • A cup of coffee helps to start the day "on the right foot", but not only caffeine has a refreshing effect. Even the smell of coffee also increases concentration. Would you like to smell coffee?

  • The smell of freshly cut grass is stimulating and can help you remember.

  • The scent of jasmine encourages you to feel fresh and energetic, helps you relax and release your feelings. Jasmine is a feel-good scent that you can find in many floral fragrances.