eteriniu alieju misiniai


5 products
      5 products
      Eterinių aliejų mišinys „FALL IN LOVE“ 10 ml
      A blend of essential oils that evokes FALL IN LOVE
      Eterinių aliejų mišinys „RELAX“ 10 ml
      A blend of essential oils for relaxing RELAX
      Eterinių aliejų mišinys „ENERGIZE“ 10 ml
      The energizing blend of essential oils ENERGIZE
      Eterinių aliejų mišinys „DETOX“ 10 ml
      Detoxifying DETOX blend of essential oils
      Eterinių aliejų mišinys REFRESH
      REFRESH is a rejuvenating mixture of essential oils

      Essential oils are a special tool for your home, beauty, health and well-being. They contain special gifts of nature - the power of plants. Each essential oil has certain properties that ensure its effects and benefits. Well, if you want to get even more benefits, in that case, essential oil blends are the best choice as they combine the properties of different essential oils. You can also buy essential oil mixtures in our online store.

      Essential oil blends: what makes them special?

      Essential oil blends are special because they are made up of different essential oils. So, this means that with the purchase of just one product, you will not only enjoy an extremely wide range of aromas, but you will also get many more benefits than using just one type of essential oil.

      Essential oil blends: what is important to pay attention to when choosing?

      One of the main things to consider when choosing an essential oil blend is its purpose and effect. Here, for example, if you experience a lot of tension, stress, a relaxing mixture of essential oils will be perfect. If you've been feeling tired for some time, you've been working a lot, you don't have time to sleep properly, choose a rejuvenating or energizing blend of essential oils. Well, if you want to feel special, create an unusual atmosphere, gain more self-confidence and release your sensuality, then give preference to an exciting mixture of essential oils. It is also worth paying attention to the space where the mixture of essential oils will be used: for example, an energizing mixture of essential oils will work well in a study; in the bath - detoxifying or revitalizing, well, here in the living room, after a day's work, it is worth using a relaxing mixture of essential oils.

      Of course, it is also important to pay attention to aromas. Essential oil blends include the most diverse aromatic compositions, such as peppermint and verbena or patchouli cloves.

      Why should you buy essential oil blends online?

      There is no shortage of reasons why you should buy an essential oil blend online. You can shop at your convenience without leaving your home. Well, it is also important to emphasize that buying essential oils online is a great choice, also because promotions are a frequent phenomenon in our online store, so you will be able to purchase the products you like at a lower price.

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