A home to return to: create a special atmosphere

Summer is a time of travel, when we spend much less time at home and try to experience as many pleasures and adventures as possible during the warm season. However, it is not without reason that it is said that everywhere is good, but at home is the best. Everyone probably knows that pleasant feeling when you finally open the door of your cozy home after a trip.

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Home is our special space where we can rest, relax, and regain strength. A very important aspect that creates the mood of a home is the smell. It can help us focus, give us energy, calm us down. What you should know about fragrances for the home, what trends prevail in summer and how to turn your home into a small fragrant oasis of comfort - these questions are answered by Aromika, which creates unique perfumery products in Lithuania. The creators of aromas in the range of the ACappella brand offer an extremely wide selection of home fragrances even for the most picky.

Looking for lighter scents in summer

Summer is probably the most "scented" time of the year: all kinds of plants bloom in nature, berries and fruits ripen, we are surrounded by an abundance of aromas at every step. Perfumers notice that at this time of the year, customers are also looking for fragrances similar to those prevailing in nature, they want something light and refreshing. Fruity or floral aromas with refreshing spices are especially popular.

One of these is "ACappella" "Green tea" - a fresh, light aroma can serve perfectly when you need to concentrate and concentrate energy for work in the summer heat.
The scents of a blooming summer garden are reminiscent of "Rose and sandalwood" or the bright peony-sounding "Magnolia garden".

ACappella's chart-topping Black Orchid is popular all year round. Refreshing "Tangerines and Basil" is also suitable for both winter and summer. It is also recommended to try the ACappella Naturals line fragrance "Water flower" in the summer - it is a fresh peace of wet lotus, sea water and juicy fruits.

However, despite the trends, fragrance experts say that you should first rely on your taste and choose what you like.

"If we spread the scent of a Christmas tree next to a bouquet of blooming peonies, nothing terrible will happen: we will feel calmer, we will breathe more deeply, maybe even a festive mood will visit us. Don't be afraid to experiment," advise the creators of ACappella fragrances.

namų kvapai

Travels can be extended at home

After returning from a meaningful and fun trip, you can always extend it at home. All you have to do is choose a home fragrance. Scientists who study the effects of scents agree that scents we smell when we feel good seem to be etched in our memory. After encountering the same scent, we experience the same mood again or even feel similar.

So, if you smelled certain aromas on your trip, they will remind you of the experiences you had when you returned home.

For example, if you spent your vacation in exotic lands where you were surrounded by delicate aromas, you can try at home the new, exclusive "ACappella Black Edition" line and the luxurious morning smell of "ACappella Design" collection (Moon Orchid, Vanilla Arabica, Saffron Oud).

These aromas will envelop the home space with a refined oriental aura, the notes of spices, natural elements of nature such as wood, amber, earth, forest will allow you to return to warm travel memories.

It's true, your favorite home fragrance can travel with you: in the ACappella line you will find car fragrances, dry or spray fragrances that can be used to infuse travel backpacks, suitcases and thus always have the home fragrance "in your pocket"

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Sets the mood

Although we rarely think about it, smell has a huge influence on our mood and even our performance. Particular attention should be paid to this when choosing an aroma for the home. A fragrant home not only puts you or your guests in a pleasant mood, but can help you relax and concentrate. Or maybe you just lack energy, but there are a lot of urgent tasks waiting for you - and this is where a scent that can give you freshness and new strength will come in handy.

ACappella aroma experts suggest creating the desired atmosphere with home fragrances from this brand. The selection is particularly wide, so you will definitely find the one that is sweetest to your nose and heart.

Comfort - "Vanilla", "Rose & Sandalwood", "Gingerbread", "Cherry", "Forest Berries", "Seashore"

Energy - "Tree of Life", "Ruby", "Star of Joy", "Birch"

Romance - "Black Orchid", "Magnolia Garden", "Island Flowers", "Valley of Rings

Exotics - ACappella Black Edition Collection, Mysterious East, Urban Legend, Coastal fruits

Luxury - ACappella Design Line: Moon Orchid, Vanilla Arabica, Saffron Oud

Concentration - "Green Tea", "Christmas Tree", "Tree of Life", "Birch

And remember - your home, your rules! Therefore, be brave when choosing a scent, because the most important thing is that being at home should make you happy and bring positive emotions.