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      5 products
      ACappella NATURALS atpalaiduojanti vonios druska 600 g
      Bath salt Relaxing RELAX
      ACappella NATURALS atgaivinanti vonios druska 600 g
      Bath salt Refreshing REFRESH
      ACappella NATURALS detoksikuojanti vonios druska 600 g
      Bath salt Detoxifying DETOX
      ACappella NATURALS sužadinanti vonios druska 600 g
      Bath salt Arousing FALL IN LOVE
      ACappella NATURALS energizuojanti vonios druska 600 g
      Bath salt Energizing ENERGIZE

      Each of us needs rest because we perform various activities every day. So, we need to remove accumulated fatigue, tension and regain strength. There are many ways to relax, but one of the most reliable, fastest, simplest and most effective is lying in a relaxing bath. And this procedure will bring great benefits not only to your well-being, but also to your skin, as long as you don't forget the bath salt. You can find a large selection of salt baths in our online store. This is a great gift not only for yourself, but also for any other person for whom you want to ensure pleasant and relaxing hours of rest.

      Bath salts: why use them?

      There are many reasons why a bath filled with warm water should be enriched with bath salts. First of all, bath salt will fill the entire bathroom with a very pleasant aroma. So, bathing in the bath will be special - the selected aroma will calm and relax or, on the contrary, give energy. Another reason why you should not forget the bath salts every time you decide to enjoy a bath is that it will have a positive effect not only on your emotional state, but also on your skin. Depending on which bath salt you choose, it can revive your skin, detoxify it, give it smoothness, softness, softness. And, of course, bath salt will create a special atmosphere: water saturated with minerals and a very pleasant aroma will turn your bath into a royal one - you will enjoy a very useful and pleasant procedure right in your own home. For an even greater effect, you should not forget candles and scented baths, you can also buy them in our online store.

      Bath salts make a great choice

      Salt baths have a large selection and are made from carefully selected raw materials. According to the effect, the following salt baths are assigned: stimulating, detoxifying, revitalizing, relaxing. Bath salts include a wide variety of aromas; mint, jasmine, fragrant kangan, cloves, patchouli, etc. Bath salts contain the following components: magnesium, bromine, iodine, calcium, zinc, dead sea salt. Another extremely important and useful ingredient is essential oils. It is they who give the bath salts a special aroma, and also gently care for your skin. Bath salts are very easy to use - just add a small amount to a bath filled with warm water. You can also use several different bath salts at the same time and thus experiment - enjoy undiscovered aromas.

      Bath salts: what is important to pay attention to when choosing?

      First of all, it is worth emphasizing that bath salts have an effect on your well-being: for example, after a very hard and tiring day or when you experience a lot of stress, relaxing bath salts will be perfect. If you lack energy, choose an uplifting or energizing bath salt. However, you should also not forget that bath salt is a product that affects not only your well-being, but also your skin. For example, if you have noticed that your skin has lost its healthy appearance and radiance, has lost its smoothness, smoothness, softness, and has acquired a gray hue, a detoxifying or revitalizing bath salt will be an excellent choice.

      Bath salt is a tool that, when choosing, you should not forget to identify certain problems. Properly selected bath salts can soften them. Here, for example, one bath salt will help remove toxins from your body, so the likelihood of inflammation will be reduced, and the skin will look extremely clear and fresh; a different bath salt will help strengthen immunity and reduce the likelihood of various illnesses.

      Bath Salts: Buy Online

      Relaxing, energizing, detoxifying, sensual, immune-boosting, detoxifying, confidence-boosting bath salts, supplemented with calcium, magnesium, dead sea salt and various essential oils, should be purchased online. A large selection of products awaits, the opportunity to shop at the time most convenient for you. Also, in our online store, promotions are often held, and you can buy products that you liked for years at a lower price.


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