Fragrance Marketing

Scent marketing is an effective way to strengthen your brand and increase sales.

Smells surround us everywhere. Pleasant, neutral, strong or even unpleasant. The smell contributes to a large extent to the creation of the first impression on the customer.

Scent marketing is a subtle way to influence the customer, to achieve better business results, increasing customer loyalty and creating a pleasant atmosphere at service points. With the help of fragrance marketing solutions and tools, a longer-lasting emotional connection with the customer is established.

Research shows that scent marketing improves business results

marketing icon rating higher assessment of service quality 
marketing icon rating buyers are more likely to communicate
marketing icon rating higher rating of cleanliness perception
marketing icon rating more guests tend to visit again
marketing icon rating turnover increases

AROMIKA offers a wide range of fragrance marketing services.

  • Creating an olfactory identity
  • Perfuming rooms
  • Odor removal, masking
  • Perfuming events
  • Business gifts
  • Scented advertisement
  • Scenting of products

Perfuming rooms

Our fragrance services not only create a great first impression and ongoing exceptional experiences for your customers, but also help strengthen your brand identity, increase your competitiveness and positively influence customer decisions.

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Your Brand Car Fragrances

We cooperate with various clients both in Lithuania and abroad, creating car fragrances and individual designs. This is a great way to promote your brand.

  • Selectable design
  • Approving press
  • Applies a scent of your choice
  • Order quantity and price are discussed
  • Manufactured products, delivered to your specified address

Why us?

  • In production, we use a larger amount of fragrance, so the scent lasts much longer and is stronger
  • We use 100% cellulose, which helps ensure a better concentration of scent

Samples with your print or logo:

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Tel. no. +370 600 00392