Incense sticks ACappella Magnolia Garden

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Kvapiosios lazdelės ,,Magnolijų sodas"

Incense sticks ACappella Magnolia Garden

SKU: 4779023522269
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• STYLISH. Black 6 mm diameter multi-fiber sticks.
• SIMPLE. Does not require maintenance. Can be divided into several rooms.
• COMFORTABLE. No liquid. Place them even where you cannot place simple home fragrances. Suitable for use in all rooms.

Inhale the freshness of a blooming garden! Aristocratic, gentle magnolia, fresh grass and... a piece of sweet chocolate! Together they relax, calm and uplift the mood.

Scent type: green-floral.

TOP NOTES: magnolia, cut grass.
BASE NOTES: chocolate, sandalwood, musk.

HOW TO USE: take the sticks out of the packaging, place them in the Aromatic stick bottle/stand or in another container and enjoy. Do not allow the wands to come into contact with fabric and painted, varnished, porous, plastic and other surfaces that may be damaged by the released aromatic oil. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid touching the stick with your hands, use a napkin when touching.


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