ACappella SILENT EDITION loose palm wax candle

SKU: 4772155013926
ACappella SILENT EDITION loose palm wax candle

ACappella SILENT EDITION loose palm wax candle

SKU: 4772155013926
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Package includes:

A glass container, 80 g of loose wax and one wick.

ACappella loose palm wax candles are sustainable because:

1. No wasted energy for wax melting during candle production;
2. With the addition of a loose candle, you can use the glass again and again;
3. Sustainably extracted natural wax is used.

Instructions for use:

1. Remove from package, add 1/4 of the wax beads to the beaker, insert the wick through the center so that the bottom reaches the bottom of the beaker;
2. Pour the remaining wax into the glass;
3. Shorten the wick so that it remains 1 cm above the surface of the wax;
4. Now you can light the candle and enjoy. (NO MELTING OF THE WAX IS NECESSARY).


ATTENTION! Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep the burning candle away from children and animals. Do not burn near/on flammable objects. Make sure the wick stays straight through the center of the glass and does not touch the glass, as unevenly heated glass may crack. Do not burn the candle with about 1-2 cm of wax left on the bottom. Do not leave a cut wick or matches in the candle. Do not move the burning candle. If the candle burns for a long time, the glass may get hot - do not touch it until it cools down or touch it carefully.

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