Eteriniai aliejai

Ethereal oils

28 products
      28 products
      Eterinių aliejų mišinys „FALL IN LOVE“ 10 ml
      A blend of essential oils that evokes FALL IN LOVE
      Eterinių aliejų mišinys „RELAX“ 10 ml
      A blend of essential oils for relaxing RELAX
      Saldžiųjų apelsinų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Essential oil Orange
      Levandų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Lavender essential oil
      Eterinių aliejų mišinys „ENERGIZE“ 10 ml
      The energizing blend of essential oils ENERGIZE
      Arbatmedžių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Tea tree essential oil
      Santalų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Essential oil Sandalwood
      Eukaliptų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Eucalyptus essential oil
      Bergamočių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Bergamot essential oil
      Pušų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Essential oil Pine
      Citrinų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Lemon essential oil
      Eterinių aliejų mišinys „DETOX“ 10 ml
      Detoxifying DETOX blend of essential oils
      Greipfrutų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Essential oil Grapefruit
      Rožių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Rose essential oil
      Kėnių spyglių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Essential oil of pine needles
      Pačiulių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Patchouli essential oil
      Pipirmėčių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Peppermint essential oil
      Japoninių laurenių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Essential oil of Japanese laurel
      Kvapiųjų kanangų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Essential oil Fragrant fragrances
      Citrinžolių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Essential oil Lemon grass
      Žaliųjų citrinų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Lemon essential oil
      Tauriųjų didramunių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Essential oil Precious didramunias
      Šaltmėčių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Peppermint essential oil
      Virgininių kadagių eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Virgin juniper essential oil
      Rozmarinų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Rosemary essential oil
      Kvapiųjų šalavijų aliejus 10 ml
      Sage essential oil
      Bazilikų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Basil essential oil
      Mandarinų eterinis aliejus 10 ml
      Mandarin essential oil

      The resources provided by nature are special: if we choose and use them properly, we will get excellent results: our appearance will be improved, and our well-being will be much better. One of the ways to take advantage of nature's possibilities is essential oils. Depending on the type, they can calm and relax, reduce headaches, give energy and freshness, remove toxins, strengthen immunity, fill the house with extremely pleasant aromas, improve mood and sleep quality, etc. You will find an extremely large selection of essential oils made from carefully selected raw materials in our online store.

      Natural Essential Oils: Worth Using for Various Reasons

      Essential oils are worth using for a variety of reasons. It is important to note that different types of essential oils have different effects: they calm, relax, give energy, strengthen immunity, increase resistance to various diseases. cleans the air, etc. So evaluate your needs and expectations. It is especially helpful to purchase at least a few types of essential oils and use them alternately.

      Essential oils for the home

      How to use essential oils? Essential oils for the home, for your health and beauty, can be used in many different ways. For example, an essential oil can be used in a diffuser. When the diffusers filled with the selected essential oil start working, a very pleasant smell spreads around the house, but that's not all: depending on which oil you have chosen, it will clean the air in the house, strengthen your immunity, improve your mood, sleep quality, etc. However, it is also important to remember that essential oils can be used in other ways than just diffusers: you can add a few drops of essential oil to your bath or foot bath, your chosen body or hair care product. Essential oils can also be used together with aromatherapy lamps or simply put a few drops on a fabric cloth. So, there are many options when it comes to using essential oils, so rotate them and enjoy the best results.

      A wide selection of essential oils online

      Where to buy essential oils? When shopping online, you can find a particularly large selection of essential oils: tea tree, eucalyptus, pine, kenya, peppermint, lime, sweet orange, lavender, sandalwood, bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, rose, patchouli, fragrant kangan, clary sage, rosemary, juniper, basil. However, this is not the only reason why you should shop online: you also have the opportunity to shop at your most convenient time. What's more, promotions are a frequent phenomenon in our online store, so you will buy the products you like cheaper, at a much lower price. Essential oils or their mixtures are natural and organic, so they are suitable for everyone.

      Essential oils: what is important to pay attention to when choosing

      The choice of essential oils is very large, so in order to understand which ones are best for you, you should evaluate the properties of the products.Remember that different essential oils have different properties, for example:

      • tea tree - cleans the skin, tones, moisturizes and nourishes, tones, strengthens immunity;
      • eucalyptus - eases breathing, cleans the air, relaxes, calms, refreshes;
      • pine - cleans the air, eases breathing, strengthens immunity;
      • kenio - eases breathing, cleans the air, is perfect for people with respiratory diseases;
      • peppermint - calms, relaxes, relieves headaches;
      • green lemon - gives energy and freshness, tones and helps to concentrate;
      • sweet orange - improves mood, increases self-confidence;
      • lavender - calms, relaxes, cleans the air, improves mood and increases self-confidence, improves sleep quality;
      • Santalwood - releases sensuality, helps create a romantic atmosphere;
      • lemon - gives energy and freshness, improves mood, strengthens immunity;
      • grapefruit - improves mood and strengthens immunity;
      • rose - will help create a royal atmosphere;
      • fragrant canangs - calms and relaxes;
      • basil - helps to concentrate, gives energy, increases self-confidence

      Natural essential oils - a drop of natural energy for the harmony of your body and soul. Discover the amazing power of nature!


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